Episode #4 - Josiah Whitley


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Take an old soul and give him a guitar. Now let that soul possess a 26-year-old man's body so he can sing and tell you about the things he's seen, the places he's been and the people he's known and you have Josiah Whitley. He is a unique blend of primal blues and rock, country and storytelling folk. Combining these genres with influences from the likes of Tom Waits, John Prine, Bob Dylan, Ryan Adams, and Keith Richards, as well as sticking to his motto of "One guy, one guitar, one good story, one good song," Whitley has forged a world and a sound all his own.

Today we talked about Josiah’s song “Ride This Train”, off of his 2016 full-length album titled “In The Dark”.  “Ride This Train” is a song about enjoying the journey more than the destination.  We talked specific inspiration, lyric-writing and more on this song.  It’s Josiah Whitley on We Make Music