Episode #2 - Nick Barilla


Get "Signs" by Nick Barilla on iTunes - http://apple.co/2oevpR3 

Blending a soulful sound with bright pop-piano stylings, Nick Barilla brings an inspiring and uplifting experience to every stage he performs on and every song he writes. His passion shines through his music and connects with audiences of all ages. Barilla sings about love, life, and heartbreak, often stemming from personal experiences, and aims to stay true to himself. With a unique sound, Nick Barilla seeks to influence the future of music one song at a time.

In today’s episode, we take a look at Nick’s pop love song; “Signs”.  We talk about putting together experiences to create a simple and relatable song.  You’ll hear Nick talk about his specific influence for “Signs” as well as an interesting Valentine’s Day request for this song that he received from a fan.  It’s Nick Barilla on “We Make Music”

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