#2 - Brian Goins and Alex Miller

Today’s guests are musicians Brian Goins and Alex Miller out of Cincinnati, OH.  Brian’s a Singer/Songwriter who I’ve had the pleasure of playing with multiple times and is an amazing frontman, guitarist and singer.  Alex Miller is a drummer whom I’ve not had the pleasure of hearing yet, but I hear nothing but great things about him.  Together, they’re starting a 5 piece Rock/Blues band called Queen City Overdrive.  They’ll be online soon with a website and Facebook page and in the meantime, you can find you can find them individually on Facebook for updates on the band.  

At the end of the episode Brian will be playing an original tune of his called “June” from his upcoming band “Queen City Overdrive”

Check out Brian and Alex here:

SoundCloud - BrianGoinsMusic  

Facebook - @BrianGoinsGuitar

Intro Song - “Change Me” by Charlie Millikin

Transition Song - "Why Be Normal" by Brian Goins 

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